Personal Chef Service




Are you struggling with finding a balance between your busy life and eating healthy?

Yup, it can be very stressful trying to manage your life and eat right  You have to spend time planning your meals, shopping at the grocery store, standing in line, getting stuck in traffic, and finally deciding it is quicker to stop for fast food with a trunk full of groceries. You have now wasted time standing in line at the store, money on food that you are not even cooking, and not to mention your stress level rising.


What if you could have a personal chef service that prepares and delivers fresh and nutritious

meals right to your door?

Plan + Cook + Host will provide a convenient way to eat healthy and amazing meals. Meals are cooked, packaged, and delivered to you.  Eliminating the need to plan, cook or order frozen pre-packaged meals. Gain time back into your life doing the things that matter most to you. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Pre-packaged Cooked Meals
  • Heating Instructions
  • Free delivery within 15 miles of 30080; otherwise $5 surcharge
  • Seasonal Menu Options
  • No subscription/monthly fee 

Meals plans start at $40/week for 5 Meals.


cooking made easy. Healthy eating made easy. that's it.


If you:

  • Need to gain some time back in your life
  • Would like to have a more healthier lifestyle when it comes to food
  • Spending way too much money eating out
  • Hate cooking in the kitchen
  • Loathe the grocery store
  • Are struggling with planning your own meals

How It Works


Tell us what you like

Fill out your taste profile with your taste preferences, dietary restrictions, allergies and all-time favorite foods.


choose your meals

Select your meals from a weekly seasonal menu. Choose 1 main dish and 1 -2 sides for each meal. Meal plans start at $40/week.



Place your order

Order every week by Thursday. Meals will be on delivered Sunday or Monday, selected by you.