4 Things You Need To Start Your Own Garden In A Small Space


You definitely don’t need a backyard of to start a garden, you just need space and few supplies.  It doesn’t matter whether you will be growing on your window sill or your balcony, you can have a small space garden.   

When I tell you, there is nothing like growing your own food and side-eyeing the produce in the grocery store. Seriously. The joy of thinking I don’t have to spend $1.99 for a bundle of parsley if I need it every AGAIN. A pack of parsley seeds costs $1.99, I will be straight for a little minute.  So here are the 4 things I suggest you get to start your garden and saving money: 


Seeds are the foundation of this whole thing or it just doesn’t work.  LOL.  If you have limited space, you really have to think about what you want to grow.  The luxury of just growing a bunch of things is just not feasible in a small space.  The goal is the utilize your space with the fruits and vegetables you find yourself buying all of the time.

When I decided to start my garden, I made a list of all the things that I frequently purchased from the farmers market or grocery store. That kind of made it a little bit easier to narrow down what I wanted to plant.  I suggest you start with 3 or 4 different types of seeds to focus on initially. It makes it easier so you won’t become overwhelmed with starting a garden.  Also here are some things to look for when you are shopping for seeds:

  1. Organic/non-GMO seeds.  
  2. Container friendly
  3. Harvest time (if you have long winters chose something with faster harvest time.)


You should start your seeds with a greenhouse kit that includes peat pellets, a tray, and cover.  Using the greenhouse will make it a lot easier for you to get your seeds started for your garden. The peat pellets in the kit are compressed peat moss (soil) encased in netting that expands when water is added. No need to buy that big bag of soil just yet.  All you have to do is add water and seeds to pellets then cover.  BOOM! You’re on your way to having a garden. NOTE: If you don’t have very good sunlight, you may need to purchase some grow lights.  You should allow the plants to grow about 2 weeks in the peat pellets before they are ready for a bigger container. 




How else will your seeds grow?


As long as you get about more than 5 hours of sunlight a day…you’re good!


That’s it. 




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